How to do Wide Pushups - The Basics! There are many variations on how to do wide pushups but I'm going to show you my favorite variations. This is a great upper body workout that is very effective in building your shoulders, chest, and back muscles. And with this exercise, it can also help you burn a lot of fat even if you don't work out much.

Wide Grip Pull-Ups - Like an ordinary pull-up but you will be doing your palms under the bar instead of above it. What I really love about doing these is that it's very easy to do an upper body workout because you just need to do thumbs curls instead of performing normal pullups. So you will be doing a lot more weight with each repetition. And to make the exercise more effective, it's recommended that you perform an alternating pattern with your reps.

Declined Pushups - All these pushups start from a standing start position. You'll start by lowering yourself slowly and as your body gets stiff you will be pulling your elbows towards your body. This will make your bodyweight lean forward. At the same time, you will be pushing your knees out towards your body and your elbows towards your knees. This is a massive chest workout because you'll be using the entire upper part of your body.

Diamond Pushup - This exercise will use your triceps. You'll grab a weight plate and place it between your feet. Next, you'll push your hands towards the side of your head. And then curl your elbows up towards your neck so that your shoulders are pushed back and your shoulders also get stretched out.

The last two exercises are optional. But it's strongly recommended that you do them during every single session of chest workouts. These three sets are highly advanced and should only be done at the end of a really intense chest workout. The last set is specifically for advanced users who have already completed all the other sets on their chest workouts. If you haven't, I highly recommend you do them one after another.

Wide Pushups Don't Just Strengthen Your Chest - They're Also Good For Your Triceps! For pushups, your biggest muscle group is your triceps. So doing this exercise will build up your triceps. But not only that, this exercise will also help you build up your forearms. And this way, your triceps will end up taking more pressure and work than ever before while your forearms will become stronger because of the extra work they've been doing.


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